Artist, illustrator, graphic designer,
Rodeo Pup author, creative genius,
living in Thornbury, Ontario, Canada.

Check out the newest project, illustration on top
of trees, for towns and various themes, such as
beer and bourbon.

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1. First Canadian Cigar Shop. Cigar bands and acrylic on canvas.
2. Garden Party, iPad Illustration
3. T-shirt design, like this Bike Riding Canadian Beaver


Lisa Rotenberg is a Canadian artist and graphic designer, listed with the National Gallery of Canada. She has worked with some of the hottest design firms in Toronto. Her paintings have been commissioned by some of the biggest companies in Canada and her work is seen in corporate and private collections all over the world. Check out the various pages for freelance and illustration samples.

Changing careers every 10 years or so, she has also worked with retail online, owned her own art gallery, written a published children's book, Rodeo Pup, been a successful commercial illustrator. Drawing (oops, sorry) on all these skills the online coffee company, is delicious.

A new artistic interest was patterns. Graphic design and illustrated ones for socks, phones or book covers. Obsessive behavior repeated over and over, like on Standards kept improving especially with pencil on iPad tablet. Next thing you know, illustrations for towns and just about any theme have been appearing, as licensed properties. Who knew?

Passion for all Canadian art is just one thing. Enjoying wonderful trips around the globe with husband Matthew, Cuban cigars, worldly beers and whiskies, jazz and blues. Hey. It's a life, man.






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